My passion for shamanic trips goes back to 18 years ago, when I joined a 4 day- long workshop, with Aura-soma® pomander and quintessences. I received brightening visions, that helped me in the understanding of my paintings and all those events that were happening to me as soon as I left my life as a “manager” after a fainting and a run to the hospital. I was trying at those times to literally follow my dreams. To close my eyes and to “travel” was a dimension that I knew already very well then. I immediately looked for a teacher who could guide me in those trips here in Trentino where I live. I found the anthropologist Lorenza Menegoni and I ventured into this fascinating journey, that resonated then, and even more now, with my way to look at life, that spiritual ecology which is foundation of the shamanic universe. In the following years I invited other “shamans” and wise people, who followed different ways, and went to various workshops according to the Sufi method here, in France and Egypt.

I always try to create sacred spaces, both with my dancing and my shows, with my painting and as a practitioner and Aura-soma Teacher and also as a future Naturopath: places where, who reaches me, may feel welcome and protected, but also free to express the very best. I find shamanism a perfect compendium to my work: it requires a great discipline and an absolute concentration.

I am very happy to announce that next Friday: March 2nd Armonia will have as a guest the Anthropologist Lorenza Menegoni for an introductory conference on the Shamanic Trip , following the Methodology of Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, who unfortunately died on February the 3rd.  

He was born on the 27th of April 1929 . For the Mayan Calendar he was a White Ekectric Wizard, the same galactic identity Vicky Wall had: kin 94.

Vicky Wall was the pharmacist who gave birth to all the Aura-soma® Colour philosophy, method that I am following since 1999.

Michael Harner, anthropologist, dedicated his life to shamanism and the shamanic healing methods. He has been practising them since 1961, discovered and let many people thus through him discover this methodology , encouraging its return in the contemporary culture. He guided researches in the Amazon region, Mexico, in the western part of Northern America, in Canada and Lapland. With his book “ The Way of the Shaman” he trasmitted very simple methods that can help to reach an altered state of conscience without using any psychotropic substance. This altered state can help the trainee  to reach a deep inner balance together with a ripe spirituality. Thanks to the shamanic practice one can help himself and our own Earth.

vicky-wall fondatrice di Aura-soma

vicky-wall fondatrice di Aura-soma



The wizard has the Power of timelessness, enchanting and receptivity. It is the 14th glyph, there are 20 in total, like the fingers, to which they may be linked. The tones are 13 and are linked to the 13 moons : 13 harmonic  “months” of 28 days each – 364 days of the year plus the day out of time, 25th of July. The number 3 tone is the electric tone of service, the same Vicky and Harner shared: service, activation and bond.

 Their life wave was that of the HUMAN, who has as a Glyph the power of Free will, influence and wisdom.



I think that both Vicky and Michael Harner have felt for their whole life the push to serve the Earth and human beings, activating many people to do the same. They felt the connection with the Earth as a unavoidable and inalienable bond, that brings us to honour them for what they have tried to transmit to us during their lifetime. They have tried to instill in us the wisdom of the Human and the awareness of free will, because we are the masters of our fate. They helped us to see with different eyes what was already there, but concealed by the veils imposed by fear and conditioning. The colour that Vicky re-presented in front of us and for which she has created a real philosophy, was used in ancient times for wellness and healing. The shamanic trip guided by drums , that Michael Harner re-discovered existed since the dawn of time. The shamanic state of consciousness was used to obtain health and healing. As the Shaman travels in other worlds to recover the soul of the person who suffers, so Humpty Dumpty , the orange colour of Aura-soma® equilibrium 26, the most sold bottle all over the world, is used to recover what Vicky called the Etheric Gap, a rip in the Etheric body, through which the soul flies away. A dis-ease , a discomfort that, amongst other things, alienates synchronicity and the discover of the person’s gifts and potentialities.

Equilibrium 26 Aura-soma
Humpty Dumpty- Rescue eterico

Aura-soma® equilibrium 94 , linked to the kin of Vicky Wall and Michael Harner , is called Archangel Michael. It brings the energy of pale blue and pale yellow and introduces the entire sequence of the Archangels. Michael, the first of them , is the Archangel energy protecting Aura-soma®.  What an incredible synchronicity : the name of Michael Harner and also the name of Mike Booth, the world director of Aura-soma®, to whom Vicky left her legacy.

Amongst the key -notes of this equilibrium:

I feel the expansion of my heart when I am open to acceptance.

I feel a deep sense of connection with the Earth and what it offers me.

Equilibrium 94- Arcangelo Michele-

I find it really touching! When this bottle was born nobody thought about connecting Aura-soma®  and the Mayan Calendar. It was a great intuition, some years after, of Avani Paola Sani, Blue electric Eagle, another electric tone of service. I invited her to present an Essential course here in Rovereto from the 17th to the 19th of May. Another great occasion to approach Aura-soma® with some essential information.